EVauto/Control Dynamix - Stand Marketing
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EVauto/Control Dynamix

This is an ongoing launch of a potential market disrupter. EVauto is an energy management and control system for commercial fleets of electric vehicles – a market in its infancy. Phase 1 targeted commercial fleet managers facing the transition to electric vehicles and all the unknowns involved. Our initial brainstorm revealed that among their two main issues are controlling charging costs and being sure their vehicles are charged and available for use whenever needed.


We decided that the more pressing issue is having all of their electrical vehicles, which must charge during the night, ready for use in the morning. We made that our main story, with controlling charging costs a supporting point. To get ready for a California tradeshow, in two months we created brand positioning, revised the corporate website to launch EVauto, created two brochures and tradeshow materials and launched a PR campaign.


At every single customer touchpoint, our story was consistent: “After you plug them in, how can you be sure they’re ready when you need them?” At the end of the tradeshow, interest in EVauto was so great, the company CEO was invited to speak at two conferences. Phase 2 will roll out to other markets.


Brochure Outside

Brochure Inside

Tradeshow Poster