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Website Marketing Strategy 101: Content is King

Everyone in the ad agency business knows the popular phrase ‘client is king’ are words to live by if you want a successful career. Based on the same underlying concepts and tactics, search marketing is not that different, except that a website marketing strategist’s mantra is ‘content is king.’ Not only are these 3 simple words elementary to site optimization, they are the starting point for a successful website marketing strategy.

Search Engines Don’t Stop to Smell the Roses
Search engines don’t dither around the web looking for pretty pictures; instead, they constantly scour the web for new content. Search engines rely on content to tell them what a page is about, what industry it relates to and its major take-away. Without providing well thought-out and targeted content, a search engine will not pay much attention to a page. Like a human skimming the Saturday morning paper for articles that interest them, unless they immediately ‘get’ the point of the article, they’ll move on to something more interesting.

Words to Live By
From a website optimization point of view, here are some words to live by: let your site stand by its words. Although it seems awfully basic, the web is still an information medium. Yes it has been moving into other major areas like e-commerce, but people still rely on the web for a ‘quick info fix’ pertaining to their search. Let your site eat, sleep and breath its words, this way, the world will know what it’s talking about.

Speak its Language
Web crawlers rely on content versus pictures to give them cues. People rely on the web for information. Therefore, speaking a web crawler’s language is important. Ultimately, web search marketing is cyclical: you must create content to be found and have the right content to be relevant. In providing well-researched and relevant content, you’ll be doing search engines and visitors a favour, and in turn, reap the ultimate benefits.

By Trish McCloy, writing for Stand Marketing, a Vancouver Internet Marketing Company. For more information on website marketing strategies, check out our list of search engine promotion services.

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