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The SEO Advantage: Diversifying your SEO Portfolio

One powerful way to avoid having your site become outdated or fall prey to an algorithm change is to diversify your SEO portfolio by including multiple tactics to ethically promote your site. The following paragraphs will explore why user behaviour is the next SEO advantage and how this provides insight into further SEO diversification opportunities.

Could a site’s history and user data be the next search advantage? According to patent filed on March 31, 2005, is appears as though Google will be placing more importance on “Information Retrieval Based on Historical Data.” In other words, Google will now be placing prominence on the ways in which users react to the webpages they encounter. Factors like how long you’ll stay on a website, how many deep clicks you’ll make within a website and if you bookmark a site will become increasingly relevant. Therefore, as Google’s technology grows in complexity, so must the ways of SEO companies who consult on the subject. And the example of user and webpage interaction is no exception.

When Google first began assigning rank to pages, people could obtain a relatively good rank based on a series of unrelated webpages linking to them. Then Google changed its algorithm and people caught on to the fact that only on-topic inbound links were valuable as a partial determinant of pagerank (a method by which Google ranks a webpage).

Today, Google continues to innovate new ways to bring the greatest relevancy to their search product. Based on the patent application, it appears as though they are weaving new filters into their pagerank technology which rely on past and present user interaction with a particular webpage.

Therefore, from an SEO standpoint, it’s more important than ever to focus on creating a sticky and content-rich site with logical navigation. The more a site delivers exactly what the user came to find, the more time and energy they will spend perusing its contents. In Google’s eyes, when a user interacts with a site via book-marking, deep-clicks or the like, Google infers that a user is giving a vote of confidence—or credibility—to the site.

There are always new developments in the ways in which search engines find webpages, but at the end of the day, creating a relevant and targeted site employing diversified, highly-accepted and ethical SEO efforts is the best way to go. This way, when Google changes its algorithm, your business will stand firm and won’t scramble to regain rank.

By Trish McCloy, writing for Stand Marketing, a Vancouver Internet Marketing Company. For more information on website marketing strategies, check out our list of search engine promotion services.

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