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Whether engaging in strategic web planning or marketing consulting, the consultants with Vancouver's Stand Marketing use a specific process to get from 'A' to 'B.' Approaching a project with a defined process aligns objectives, sets a clear view of the end goal(s) and provides a framework to reach the project’s ultimate purpose.

Regardless of the project’s size, the below process creates a definition for success so each stakeholder can meet pre-defined business objectives.

Stand Marketing believes a project should not start without first establishing its ultimate destination. You can’t reach your goal unless you know the best routes and methods by which to arrive.

Step 1:
Establish Objectives
Determine the project’s goals. The goals become the benchmarks for project success.

Step 2:
Outline Strategies
Document how to approach each established objective.

Step 3:
Determine Tactics
A project's tactics are derived from the overall goals and strategies and determine its execution.

Step 4:
Review Considerations
Note what factors may come into play to speed-up or slow down the project.

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