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Coming from a strategic marketing and interactive background, Stand Marketing takes a unique approach to leveraging traditional and interactive media.

Understanding the value of maintaining a clear and unified voice across each medium, Stand first looks at a company’s brand and then approaches the project. This approach is unlike many other Vancouver-based marketing consulting shops because it looks at a company’s entire marketing communications strategy rather than a single medium in their portfolio.

  • We don’t endorse jumping into a project without a benchmark for success. We do endorse strategic planning, SEO, SEM anchored in a process which defines success.

  • We don’t endorse marketing at the expense of your brand. We do endorse creating marketing materials which are an extension and embodiment of your brand.

  • We don’t endorse trying to optimize your website on your own as there are new intricacies and developments that evolve on a daily basis. We do endorse that you take our SEO quiz to see where your website stands.

Give your company a chance to standUP + standOUT with help of Stand Marketing. If this approach resonates with you, please email or call us to discuss your business goals and receive a quote.

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