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Stand Marketing was created to fill the gap that lies between traditional and online marketing. Our goal is for each client we work with to standUP and standOUT through a combination of strategic planning, marketing consulting and natural search engine optimization.

Our mission is to assist businesses with each of these areas in harmony with their brand, so each medium can complement and help the other to drive the bottom line.

Stand's Take on the Web

A New Medium
The web is still a relatively new medium, yet one that keeps reinventing itself and evolving despite the short amount of time it's been around. Web development is not slowing down to wait for the stragglers; on the contrary, it’s growing faster than ever. Rather than shying away from this reality, a huge opportunity exists to capitalize on new-media income streams and innovative methods to attract profitable customers.

A Dynamic Medium
Unlike radio, TV or print, the web’s landscape is changing on a daily basis. New mini-mediums like blogging and podcasting are being birthed out of cyberland at such a rate that if you blink, you may miss the newest profitable development. In addition, more traditional media are resurfacing through new methods, which over time, could dominate future media. Ten years after the public started adopting the web’s ability to post and disseminate information at light-speed, there are no signs of slowing.

A Powerful Medium
Like a snowball tumbling downhill, the web is a powerful medium that continues to gain speed and force. Not having a presence in this medium is similar to taking money and burying it in the ground -the money can’t grow unless it’s being used. These days, not having a website—or properly optimized and marketed website—can translate into lost opportunity, customers and revenue. After all, what’s the point in having a website if no one can find you?

A Worthy Medium
Stand Marketing wants to help you get the most out of your online presence. Because we eat, sleep and breathe the web, we know which trend-wagons to jump on and which to leave behind.

To assist your business in reaching the maximum return on investment, we employ a variety of search engine optimization, marketing and strategic planning techniques to ensure you take a stand both on the web and beyond.  We believe in the web's power to increase brand visibility and awareness, drive sales, gain new customers and affect your bottom line by being known, seen, searched and found.

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